500 One Word Substitution with Hindi Meaning

500 One Word Substitution for SSC/BANKING/GOVT.JOBS

500 One Word Substitution for SSC/BANKING/GOVT.JOBS

Sr. No. Many words One word
1. A place where animals are slaughtered for the market Abattoir
2. Shorting something by omitting parts of it Abbreviation
3. To give up a throne voluntarily Abdicate
4. Voluntary giving up of throne in favour of someone Abolish
5. Do away with Abolish
6. The original inhabitants of a country aborigines
7. an edition a book in which it has been condensed Abridged
8. To do away with rules Abrogate
9. Move faster Accelerate
10. Which can be approached Accessible
11. To accustom oneself in new climate acclimatize
12. A partner in crime Accomplice
13. A responsible for one’s actions Accountable
14. Make oneself familiar with a person or a thing Acquaint


15. The act of freeing a person from a charge by verdict Acquittal
16. Someone versed in the interpretation of numerical data Actuary
17. A substance that can stick or cause sticking Adhesive
18. The period between the beginning of puberty and adulthood Adolescence
19. To falsify a thing by admixture or baser ingredients Adulteration
20. Person who pilots or travels in a balloon airship or other aircraft Aeronaut
21. Science of flight or airoplanes Aeronautics
22. Fear of height Aerophobia
23. Person who claims to have geat love for understanding of what is beautiful in nature, art etc Aesthete
24. A list of heading of the business to be transacted at a meeting Agenda
25. To increase the gravity of an offence or the intensity of a disease Aggravate
26. Someone who attacks Aggressor
27. Fear of pain Agliophobia
28. A person who claims the existence of god is unknowable Agnostic
29. Fear of open spaces or crowd Agoraphobia
30. Belonging to a foreign country Alien
31. Arouse hostility or indifference in Alienate
32. Allowance paid to wife on legal separation Alimony
33. A story in which ideas are symbolised as people Allgory
34. Commencement of words with the same letter Alliteration
35. An annual calendar with position of stars Alamanac
36. A raised place on which offering to a god are made Altar
37. A person who loves every body Altruist
38. A lover of mankind Altruist/philanthropist
39. A man who does a thing for pleasure and not as a profession Amateur
40. Fear or riding a car Amaxophobia
41. One who represents a state in a foreign country Ambassador
42. One, who can use either hand with ease Ambidextrous
43. Of a person who can use both hands equality well Ambidextrous
44. An expression or statement that has more than one meaning Ambiguilty
45. Uncertain or unable to decide about what course to follow Ambivalent
46. A van which is used in transporting wounded or serious patients Ambulance
47. One who is likeable Amiable
48.  Partial or total loss of memory Amnesia
49. A warrant granting release from punishment for an offense Amnesty
50. Animals which live both on and sea Amphibian
51. To cut off a part of a person’s body which is infected Amputate
52. A person or thing out of time and out of date; belonging to a different era either or later Anachronism
53. One who is out to destroy all governance, law and order Anarchist
54. A state of lawlessness and disorder Anarchy
55. Physical structure Anatomy
56. Fear or males Androphobia
57. One who is fond of English people and their customs Anglophile
58. The yearly return or a date Anniversary
59. Which happens once a year Annual
60. Medicine which lessens pain Anodyne
61. Divation or departure from common rule of standard Anomaly
62. Having no known name or identity or known source Anonymous
63. Fear of getting fat makes young girl stop eating resulting in harmful effect Anorexia
64. Capable of being answered Answerable
65. A person who opposes another Antagonist
66. Be earlier in time go back further Antedate
67. Room leading into a large room Anteroom
68. A collection of poems Anthology
69. Student of the development of the mankind anthropologist
70. Science of the origins and social relationships of humans Anthropology
71. A remedy that stops or controls the effects of a poison Antidote
72. Strong dislike or hostility antipathy
73. Thoroughly clean and free of disease-causing organisms Antiseptic
74. A word that expresses an opposite meaning Antonym
75. Lack of feeling Apathy
76. Loss of speech Aphasia
77. That which causes sexual arousal Aphrodisiac
78. One who deserts his religion Apostate
79. A pioneer of a reform movement Apostle
80. Be fully aware of Appreciate
81. A person who has just started learning Apprentice
82. A place where fishes are kept Aquarium
83. Animals/plants ere which live in water Aquatic
84. A person, appointed by two parties to solve a dispute Arbitrator
85. The branch of anthropology that studies prehistoric people Archaeology
86. Word used in ancient time but no longer in general use now Archaic
87. One who prepares plans for buildings Architect
88. A place where government or public records are kept Archives
89. Government by the nobles Aristocracy
90. The cessation of warfare before a treaty is signed Armistice
91. A place for ammunition and weapons Arsenal
92. One who is guilty of firing property Arsonist
93. One who is not interested in the pleasures of the world Ascetic
94. An assembly of hearers Assemblage
95. Star-shaped flower Aster
96. Fear or thunder and lightening Astraphobia
97. A person who studies the influence of heavenly bodies on human beings Astrologer
98. One who is killed in the study of celestial bodies Astronomer
99. A person who does not believe in god Atheist
100. Fear of failure Atychiphobia
101. Sound which can be heard Audible
102. A number of people listening to a lecture Audience
103. The study of hearing especially hearing defects and their treatment Audiology
104. A qualified accountant who inspects accounting records Auditor
105. A specialist with regard to ear Aurist
106. A life history written by oneself Autobiography
107. Government by one person Autocracy
108. Person who rules without consulting the opinion of others Autocrat
109. Getting signature of some important person in his handwriting Autograph
110. Self-rule Autonomy
111. Fear of being alone Autophobia
112. Reprehensible acquisitiveness; insatiable desire for wealth Avarice
113. Immoderately desirous of acquiring something Avaricious
114. A place where birds are kept Aviary
115. A statement which is accepted as true without proof Axiom
116. State of being unmarried Bachelorhood
117. A story in verse Ballad
118. Science dealing with the motion of projectile like rockets bombs & shells Ballistics
119. One who can’t pay the debts Bankrupt
120. Fear of depths Bathophobia
121. Cut the head of Behead
122. A person who is fond of fighting Bellicose
123. A person, nation that is involved in war Belligerent
124. Nations engaged in war Belligerents
125. Wishing good things for another Benevolent
126. To surround with armed forces Besiege
127. Engaged to be married Betrothed
128. A great lover of books Bibliophile
129. An event which happens once in two years Biennial
130. The practice of having two wives or husband at a time Bigamy
131. One who intolerantly devoted to a particular creed Bigot
132. Using or knowing two languages Bilingual
133. Life of person written by asomeone else Biography
134. One who studies the science of animals and plants Biologist
135. The science that studies living organisms Biology
136. Examination of living tissue Biopsy
137. Animal having two feet Biped
138. The act of speaking disrespectfully about sacred things Blasphemy
139. An unconventional style of living Bohemian
140. In good faith Bona fide
141. One who devotes full time in studying course books Bookworm
142. Clumsy or ill-bred fellow Boor
143. One who studies the science of plants botanist
144. The branch of biology that studies plants Botany
145. A collection of flowers Bouquet
146. Being of the property-owning class Bourgeois
147. A small shop that sells fashionable clothes, cosmetics etc Boutique
148. A factory for manufacturing of beers Brewery
149. A bandit or robber, esp Brigand
150. Gold or silver before using for manufacturing ornaments Bullion
151. One who comes from a village and considered stupid Bumpkin
152. A small house with all rooms on one floor Bungalow
153. A collection of flags Bunting
154. Government by the officials Bureaucracy
155. One who breaks into a house to commit theft Burglar
156. The dwelling place if an animal underground Burrow
157. Person who hold scholarship at a university Bursar
158. One who kills animals and sells their flesh Butcher
159. Place where cows are sheltered Byre
160. A place where treasures, stores ammunition are hidden Cache
161. A person , who is bad in spellings Cacographist
162. Ugly, illegible handwriting Cacography
163. Fear of ugliness Cacophobia
164. The infirmity of old age Caducity
165. A person, who writes beautiful handwriting Calligraphist
66. Beautiful handwriting Calligraphy
167. Having calluses Callous
168. One, who feeds on human flesh Cannibal
169. A lover of dogs Canophilist
170. The dead body of a animal Caracas
171. A picture drawn to make people laugh Caricature
172. One, who lives on flesh Carnivorous
173. One, who draws maps Cartographer
174. A person who is bad in spelling Catographist
175. The art of making maps and charts Cartography
176. A person, who is specialist in heart diseases Cardiologist
177. A complete list of things, usually arranged systematically Catalogue
178. Soldiers, who fight on horse back Cavalry
179. Abstaining from sexual realations Celibacy
180. Abstaining from sexual intercourse Celibate
181. Extreme fear of beauty Cellophobia
182. A place for burial of dead bodies Cemetery
183. One who is more than a hundred years old Centenarian
184. The 100th anniversary (or the celebration of it) Centenary
185. Anything tending to move away from centre Centripetal
186. One hundred years Century
187. Elderly women in charge of a girl on social occasion Chaperon
188. Be the emodment or perfect example of Characterise
189. Person who pretend to have more knowledge Charlatan
190. An extremely deep crack or opening in the ground Chasm
191. One, who is employed to drive a motor car Chauffeur
192. A person who is blindly devoted to an idea Chauvinist
193. An unreal and visionary ideal Chimerical
194. A small piece ofwood Chip
195. A person who is an extremely at penmanship Chirographer
196. A person who reads palms Chiromancer
197. Palm- reading Chiromancy
198. Apecialist who takes care of the ailments of the feet Chiropodist
199. One, he teaches dancing Choreographer
200. The science of colours Chromatics
201. Calendar of events in order of occurrence Chronology
202. Method of talking in a roundabout way Circumlocution
203. Fear of doctor Claustrophobia
204. Fear of going to bed Clinophobia
205. A place for luggage at railway station Cloak room
206. An associate that one works with Colleague
207. People who work together Colleagues
208. Belong to same country Compatriot
209. One who introduces performing artist on the stage program Compare
210. A performance given by a number of musicians Concert
211. Informal expression used in everyday conversation Colloquialism
212. Live in relationship a man and a woman living without being married Concubinage
213. A country ruled by two country Condominium
214. One who sells sweets and pastries Confectioner
215. Present at birth but not necessarily hereditary Congenital
216. An assembly or worshippers Congregation
217. A critical judge of any art and craft Connoisseur
218. Relationship by blood or birth Consanguinity
219. Compulsory enlistment for military service Conscription
220. A number of stars grounded together Constellation
221. A disease which spreads by contact Contagious
222. Belonging to or living at the same time Contemporaries
223. Gradual recovery from illness Convalescence
224. One, who is recovering health Convalescent
225. A funeral procession comprising a number or mourners Cortege
226. Metaphysical study of the origin and nature of the universe Cosmology
227. A person who regards whole world as his country Cosmopolite
228. A citizen of the world Cosmopolitan
229. A stanza having two lines in verse Couplet
230. A nursery where children are cared for while their parents are at work Crèche
231. Showing a lack of judgment of experience Credulous
232. A religious war Crusade
233. Study of secret writing and coded words Cryptography
234. Science of crystallization Crystallography
235. Man whose wife is unfaithful to him Cuckold
236. Which can be cured Curable
237. A person incharge of a museum Curator
238. A low area storm with high winds rotating about a centre of low atmospheric pressure Cyclone
239. One, who sneers at the aims and belief of his fellow men Cynic
240. Fear of dogs Cynophobia
241. Centre of attraction Cynosure
242. Study of cell Cytology
243. One who pays too much attention to his cloths and appearance Dandy
244. An unclaimed letter Dead letter
245. One who cannot hear Deaf
246. Prevent a person from admission or a right Debar
247. Suave (polished and light heart person) Debonair
248. A period of ten years Decade
249. An original glass bottle for holding wine or other alcoholic drinks Decanter
250 Act or art of rhetorical exercise Declamation
251. A person appointed or elected to represent others Delegate
252. A political leader who tries to stir up people Demagogue
253. The orientation of those who favour government by the people Democracy
254. Science of vital and social statistics Demography
255. Show of force to intimidate Demonstration
256. The home of a large fierce wild animal Den
257. A person who gives written testimony for use in a court Deponent
258. Lose in value Depreciate
259. A doctor who treats skin diseases Dermatologist
260. Study of skin Dermatology
261. To derive a thing of its holy character Desecrate
262. Where neither water nor vegetation is found Desert
263. One whose business is to find out criminals Detective
264. Become worse or disintegrate Deteriorate
265. State of being split into two parts Dichotomy
266. One who gives orders in a manner that permits no refusal Dictator
267. Government carried on by an absolute ruler Dictatorship
268. A book dealing with words in alphabetical order Dictionary
269. A small allowance of food to becomes slim Dieting
270. That which can be digested Digestible
271. A dabbler in the arts Dilettante
272. Morbid compulsion of drink Dipsomania
273. Fear of thirst Dipsophobia
274. Song sung at burial Dirge
275. One who works in return for being taught the trade Disciple
276. That which can be divided Divisible
277. A person living permanently in a certain place Domicile
278. The sleeping rooms with several beds especially in a college or institution Dormitory
279. Old age when a man behave like a fool Dotage
280. The house of an Arab Dower
281. A game in which neither party wins Draw
282. A game that results neither in victory nor in defeat Drawn
283. A game or batter in which neither party wins Drawn/tie
284. A squirrel’s home Dray
285. Mania for travel Dromomania
286. Continuous dry weather and lack of rain and water Drought
287. One who deals in cattle Drover
288. One who cannot speak Dumb
289. A person who is slow in learning Dunce
290. Not conforming to ordinary rules or behaviour Eccentric
291. One who studies the science relating to the church Ecclesiologist
292. The environment as it relates to living organisms Ecology
293. Fear of home surroundings Ecophobia
294. Fit to be eaten Edible
295. A person who is womanish Effeminate
296. Sure to produce desired results Efficacious
297. A man who thinks only for himself Egoist
298. Practice of talking too much about oneself Egotism
299. A poem of lamentation  Elegy
300. Qualified for or allowed or worthy of being chosen Eligible
301. The art of effective speaking Elocution
302. Make clear and comprehensible Elucidate
303. The fraudulent appropriation of funds or property Embezzlement
304. A person who eaves his own country and goes to live in another Emigrant
305. Identification with another person’s feelings Empathy
306. To stress, single out as important Emphasize
307. One who employs Employer
308. A book that contains information on various subjects Encyclopaedia
309. A disease prevailing in a locality Endemic
310. One who studies insects Entomologist
311. The scientific study of insects Entomology
312. Lasting one day Ephemeral
313. A long narrative poem Epic
314. One, who is devoted to the pleasure of eating and drinking Epicure
315. One whose attitude is to eat, drink and merry Epicurean
316. A widespread outbreak of an infectious disease Epidemic
317. Outer layer of skin Epidermis
318. A verse letter Epistle
319. Words which are inscribed on the grave or the tomb in the memory of the buried Epitaph
320. Calmness under trying circumstances Equanimity
321. A person who rides on horse-back Equestrian
322. Having equal sides Equilateral
323. Tightrope walker Equilibrist
324. A state of perfect balance equilibrium
325. Time when night and day are of equal length Equinox
326. Destroy completely, as if down to the roots Eradicate
327. Fear of work Ergophobia
328. Thing without which we cannot do Essential
329. Having no beginning or end to its existence Eternal
330. One who studies the science of the varieties of human race Ethnologist
331. Branch of anthropology dealing with divisions of humankind Ethnology
332. One who studies the science of character Ethnologist
333. Rules governing socially acceptable behaviour Etiquette
334. One who studies the science and origin of words Etymologist
335. Science relating to the formation and development of words Etymology
336. A formal expression of praise for someone who has died Eulogy
337. Thing that bring gentle and painless death from incurable disease Euthanasia
338. Science of improving the environment Euthenics
339. A gradual upholding or development Evolution
340. One who is taking examination Examinee
341. One who examine the copies of examines Examiner
342. Made to be absent for a long time from one’s own country Exile
343. Science dealing with life or possibilities of life existing beyond the earth Exobiology
344. A specialist who extracts teeth Exodontist
345. Pronounce not guilty of criminal charges Exonerate
346. To atone one’s sins Expiate
347. To remove all objectionable matter Expurgate
348. With little or no preparation or forethought Extempore
349. To send back the criminal to the country Extradite
350. Forcing out (blood etc Extravasate
351. One who turns one’s thought outwards Extrovert
352. An animal story with moral Fable
353. An exact copy of handwriting, printing etc Facsimile
354. A person motivated by irrational enthusiasm Fanatic
355. One who is filled with excessive and mistaken enthusiasm in religious matters Fanatic or bigot
356. One who shoes horses Farrier
357. One who is very-selective in one’s taste Fastidious
358. Causing death Fatal
359. One, who believes in fate Fatalist
360. The animals of a certain region Fauna
361. Congrulations someone in formal manner Felicitated
362. One, who works for the welfare of the women Feminist
363. Faithfulness Fidelity
364. Murder of one’s children Filicide
365. A number of sheep’s Flock
366. The plants of particular region Flora
367. One, who deals-in flowers Foregone
368. Falsification of documents etc Forgery
369. Remains of prehistoric animal or plant preserved by being buried in earth Fossils
370. Child brought by persons, who are not his parents Foster child
371. Easily broken Fragile
372. Constitutional right to cast vote Franchise
373. Murder of brother Fratricide
374. One, who runs away from justice or the law Fugitive
375. The lines which a plough cuts in the ground Furrow
376. Well in the past; former Foregone
377. Fear of marriage Gamophobia
378. A shed for motor car Garage
379. A government publication relating to order, notification etc Gazette
380. Study of ancestry Genealogy
381. Science of heredity Genetics
382. Murder of race Genocide
383. Fear of birth Gynophobia
384. One who studies the earth Geologist
385. The study of rocks and soils Geology
386. Fear of old age Geraphobia
387. Specialty dealing with the medical problems of the elderly Geriatrics
388. An agent (as heat or radiation or a chemical) that destroys microorganisms that might carry disease Germicide
389. Government by old man Gerontocracy
390. Science of the social and economic problems of the aged Gerontology
391. A mass of ice moving very slowly down a mountain valley Glacier
392. White liquid material in an egg Glair
393. List of explanations Glossary
394. A person who is devoted to eating and drinking to excess Glutton
395. Art and science dealing with a language Grammar
396. A place for grains Granary
397. One who analyzes hand-writing Graphologist
398. Analysis of handwriting Graphology
399. Costing nothing Gratis
400. The place in the ground where a dead person is buried Grave
401. Make-up room behind stage Greenroom
402. Animals which live in flocks Gregarious
403. Animals which live in flock, used for human beings also Gregarious/sociable
404. Naive and easily deceived or tricked Gullible
405. A sudden rush of wind Gust
406. Irregular luminous band of stars Galaxy
407. The specialist who treats the female reproductive and sexual organs Gynaecologist
408. Fear or women Gynophobia
409. An instrument for recording the revolutions of the earth Gyroscope
410. The normal abode of any animal or plant Habitat
411. Calm and peaceful Halcyon
412. A person without objective reality Hallucination
413. A place for housing aeroplanes Hangar
414. Two wheeled cab for two to ride indie with driver mounted up behind Hansome
415. Loud talk or speech Harangue
416. A women of lax moral Harlot
417. Fear of being robbed Harpaxophobia
418. A vehicle which is used to carry a dead body Hearse
419. One, who believes that pleasure is the chief good (sensual) Hedonist
420. Fear of pleasure Hedonophobia
421. Wicked to a high degree Heinous
422. A place for the collection of dried plants herbarium
423. One, who lives on herbs Herbivorous
424. Belief or opinion contrary to what is generally accepted Heresy
425. One, who acts against religion Heretic
426. Creature having both male and female organs Hermaphrodite
427. Things of different nature Heterogeneous
428. A person claiming to be superior in culture and intellect to others Highbrow
429. One who robs smuggler of his smuggled goods after the border has been crossed Hijacker
430. Person who is against the ordinary society esp. Hippy
431. Study of tissue Histology
432. A place for bees Hive
433. Murder of man Homicide
434. Thing of same nature Homogeneous
435. The first night of newly married couple Honeymoon
436. Holding office without any remuneration Honorary
437. A line at which the earth and the sky seem to meet Horizon
438. The art of cultivating and managing gardens Horticulture
439. Fond of entertaining guests Hospitable
440. A state or deep-seated ill-will Hostility
441. Seat on elephant’s back Howdah
442. Marked by devotion to popular welfare Humanitarian
443. Assembly or parliament in which no party has got clear majority Hung
444. A box or cage for keeping rabbits Hutch
445. A serpent with many heads Hydra
446. Fear of travel Hydrophobia
447. A specialist into the promotion of lean conditions for the preservation of health Hygienist
448. A religious song Hymn
449. A persistent anxiety about one’s health usually involving imagined symptoms of illness Hypochondria
450. One who is excessively worried about one’s health Hypochondriac
451. One who pretends to be what he is not Hypocrite
452. A tentative assumption, made to drive a logical conclusion Hypothesis
453. A person who attacks popular belief of established custom Iconoclast
454. An odd, a typical or eccentric trait Idiosyncrasy
455. The worship of idols or images that are not god Idolatry
456. Short descriptive poem or picturesque scene or incident Idyll
457. Person having no knowledge of any happening Ignorant
458. Prohibited by law or by official or accepted rules Illegal
459. Incapable of being read Illegible
460. Which can be imitated Imitable
461. A person who is pure and clean Immaculate
462. A person who comes to one country from another in order to settle there Immigrant
463. Which cannot be moved, fixed Immovable
464. Free from infection Immune
465. Incapable of being penetrated Impenetrable
466. Impossible or difficult to sense Imperceptible
467. Not admitting of passage or capable of being affected Impervious
468. A person pretending to be somebody he is not Imposter
469. Incapable of being practised Impracticable
470. Having a chance of occurring too low to inspire belief Improbable
471. That cannot be easily approached Inaccessible
472. Incapable of being admitted or allowed Inadmissible
473. Something that cannot be taken away Inalienable
474. Not endowed with life Inanimate
475. A sound that cannot be heard Inaudible
476. A person who maliciously destroys by fire Incendiary
477. Travelling under another name than one’s own Incognito
478. Incapable of being burnt Incombustible
479. Difficult to understand Incomprehensible
480. Out of place Incongruous
481. State of being beyond reform or correction Incorrigibility
482. Incapable of being corrected Incorrigible
483. Beyond belief or understanding Incredible
484. Incapable of being remedied Incurable
485. One, who does not tire easily Indefatigable
486. Not able to be protected against attack Indefensible
487. That cannot be erased Indelible
488. Defying expression Indescribable
489. Incapable of being destroyed Indestructible
490. Incapable of being divided Indivisible
491. Something carried on within door or under cover Indoor
492. Not suitable to be eaten Inedible
493. Not being able to be elected or selected under the rules Ineligible
494. Incapable of being avoided Inevitable
495. Incapable of being justified Inexcusable
496. One who is unrelenting and cannot be moved by entreaties Inexorable
497. Incapable of being explained or accounted for Inexplicable
498. One who is free from all mistakes and failure Infallible
499. Murder of an infant Infanticide
500. Soldiers, who fight on foot Infantry

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