500 New One Word Substitution

500 New One Word Substitution for SSC/BANKING/GOVT.JOBS.

500 New One Word Substitution for SSC/BANKING/GOVT.JOBS.

01. A disease spread by contact Infection
02. Faithlessness Infidelity
03. Not limited by person or number Infinite
04. A home or room used for ill or injured people Infirmary
05. Liable to catch fire easily Inflammable
06. Matchless Inimitable
07. Place which provides both board and lodging Inn
08. That which kill insects Insecticide
09. Incapable of being dissolved Insoluble
10. A person who is unable to pay his debts Insolvent/bankrupt
11. Inability to fall asleep Insomnia
12. One who cannot all asleep Insomniac
13. Interested mainly in a small group country etc Insular
14. To mediate between two parties in a dispute Intercede
15. Inserting new matter in a book Interpolate
16. A period of interval between two reigns or governments Interregnum
17. Anything pushed inside veins Intervene
18. Having made no legally valid will before death or not disposed of by a legal will Intestate
19. Contemplation of your own thoughts and desires and conduct Introspection
20. One who turns one’s thoughts inwards Introvert
21. One, who supervises in the examination hall Invigilator
22. One, too strong to be overcome Invincible
23. Something that cannot be harmed Inviolate
24. Impossible or nearly impossible to see Invisible
25. Incapable of being reconciled Irrecoverable
26. Incapable of recovered, regained Irrecoverable
27. Having no bearing on or connection with the subject at issue Irrelevant
28. Incapable of being repaired Irreparable
29. Easily annoyed Irritable
30. Government by all Isocracy
31. One, who journeys from place to place Itinerant
32. A plan for or route to be followed on a journey Itinerary
33. A place where prisoners are kept Jail
34. Language difficult to understand Jargon
35. A short  journey for pleasure Jaunt
36. A professional rider in horse races Jockey
37. A group of people who band together for some secret purpose especially for political intrigue Junta
38. The territory within which power can be exercised Jurisdiction
39. Science of law Jurisprudence
40. Anything which relates to young and youth Juvenile
41. Government by the worst citizen Kakistocracy
42. A swiftly changing scene of pattern Kaleidoscope
43. An animal of Australia with great leaping power Kangaroo
44. A place for dogs Kennel
45. Take away to an undisclosed location against their will and usually in order to extract a ransom Kidnap
46. A school for small children Kindergarten
47. An abnormal desire to steal Kleptomania
48. A funeral bell Knell
49. Fear of speed Lalophobia
50. A written attack using humour to provoke contempt Lampoon
51. One, who cuts precious stones Lapidist
52. Established by or founded upon law or official rules Legal
53. Responsible according to law Legitimate
54. One who compiles a dictionary Lexicographer
55. A false written statement to damage a person’s repute Libel
556. A person who leads an immoral life Libertine/lecher
57. Man of lax moral Licentious
58. To compensate a person etc Lindemnify
59. One, who is skilled in foreign languages Linguist
60. Fear of getting fat Lipophobia
61. One who studies the science of rocks and mine rates Lithologist
62. Cutting for stone in the bladder Lithotomy
63. A kind of winged insect migrating in swarms and consuming vegetation Locust
64. The science of reasoning Logic
65. Fear of words Logophobia
66. One, who talks continuously Loquacious
567. Talkativeness Loquacity
68. A pleasant song used for causing children to sleep Lullaby
69. Eclipse of moon Lunar
70. A home for lunatics Lunatic asylum
71. Fear of dark Lygophobia
72. Part-song for several voices without instrumental accompaniment Madrigal
73. An important or influential person Magnate
74. Great artistic work Magnum opus
75. An unmarried girl (especially a virgin) Maiden
76. The first speech delivered by a person Maiden speech
77. Fear of childbirth Maieusiophilia
78. Vague feeling of general physical discomfort Malaise
79. A phrase r sentence that is comical or nonsensical because the speaker used a wrong work that sounded something like a right word Malapropism
80. Person who is always dissatisfied Malcontent
81. Wishing harm Malevolent
82. One who pretends illness to escape duty Malingerer
83. Animals which give milk Mammals
84. A full size model of a complete or partial human figure Mannequin
85. A paper written by hand Manuscript
86. A woman who murder her husband Matricide
587. One, who dies for a noble cause Martyr
88. The tendency to derive sexual gratification from one’s own pain or humiliation Masochism
89. One for whom money is the most important thing Materialistic
90. Morning prayer Matin
91. A cinema show which is held in the afternoon Matinee
92. Morning prayer in the church regularly Matins
93. Murder of mother Matricide
94. State of being married Matrimony
95. An establish principle Maxim
96. A low level tract of uncultivated grassland Meadow
97. Relating to or belonging to the middle ages Medieval
98. Continuous and profound contemplation on spiritual matters Meditation
99. Mania of being important Megalomania
100. An extravagant comedy in which action is more salient than characterization Melodrama
601. Personal reminiscences in a narrative from Memoir
602. A place for wild animals and birds Menagerie
603. Working only for the sake of money Mercenary
604. A person whose build is powerful, compact and muscular Mesomorph
605. One who is very careful and particular Meticulous
606. A person who makes and sells ladies hats, etc Milliner
607. A place where coins are made Mint
608. Impudent girl Minx
609. One who hates mankind Misanthrope
610. Hater of mankind Misanthropist
611. One who spends very little Miser
612. A hater of smoking Misocapnic
613. One, who hates marriage Misogamist
614. One who hates women Misogynist
615. A person who is spent to propagate religion  Missionary
616. A political system in which a mob it source of control Mobocracy
617. Autocracy governed by a ruler who usually inherits authority Monarchy
618.  A building in which monks live Monastery
619. Rule by one person Monocracy
620. The practice of marrying one at a time Monogamy
621. Person obsessed with one idea or subject Monomaniac
623. Exclusive possession of the trade in some commodity Monopoly
624. A person who believes in one faith is called Monotheist
625. Of outstanding significance Monumental
626. A place, where dead bodies are kept for identification Morgue
627. Subject to death Mortal
628. A place, where dead bodies are kept for post mortem Mortuary
629. Goddess of learning and arts Muse
630. Open rebellion of soldiers and sailors against lawful authority Mutiny
631. A traditional story related to deities Myth
632. A person having same name as another Namesake
633. A medicine for producing sleep Narcotic
634. One whose parents are domiciled Native
635. A badly behaved child Naughty
636. Fear of dead body Necrophobia
637. Government by inexperienced person is called Neocracy
638. New word coined by an author Neologism
639. Using of new words Neology
640. Any new participant in some activity Neophyte
641. A hollow space in a wall for a Niche
642. Active at night Nocturnal
643. A strong desire to return home, home sickness Nostalgia
644. Person publically authorized to draw up or attest contracts etc Notary
645. Ill-fame Notoriety
646. Known widely and usually unfavourable Notorious
647. Someone new to a field or activity Novice
648. One, new to anything, inexperienced Novice
649. The study of coins Numismatics
650. Article of food rich in nutrition Nutritive
651. Fear of darkness Nyctophobia
652. A long pole used for rowing a boat Oar
653. Fertile spot in desert Oasis
654. Having lot of fat in one’s body Obesity
655. An account in the newspaper of the funeral of the one deceased Obituary
656. Destroy without any trace Obliterate
657. No longer is use Obsolete
658. Physician who delivers babies Obstetrician
659. Study of ocean Oceanography
660. Fear of crowds Ochlophobia
661.  A person who is of an age from 80 to 90 Octogenarian
662. Eight-armed sea-creature Octopus
663. One who cure eye disease Oculist
664. Study of teeth Odontology
665. Fear of pain Odynophobia
666. A long wandering journey Odyssey
667. A political system governed by a few people Oligarchy
668. One who is all powerful Omnipotent
669. One, who is present everywhere Omnipresent
670. Infinite knowledge Omniscience
671. One, who knows everything Omniscient
672. One who eats everything Omnivorous
673. That which cannot be seen through Opaque
674. Fear of snakes Ophiophobia
675. One who treats diseases of the eye Ophthalmologist
676. Study of eye Ophthalmology
677. Science of sight and light Optic
678. One who tests eyesight and sells spectacles Optician
679. Study of light Optics
680. A person who looks at the brighter side of things Optimist
681. One who makes an eloquent public speech Orator
682. A field or a part of a garden where fruit trees grow Orchard
683. The branch of zoology that studies birds Ornithology
684. Study of mountain Orography
685. One, who has lost parents Orphan
686. A home for orphans Orphanage
687. Specialist who straightness teeth Orthodontist
688. Study of correct spelling of words Orthography
689. Medical specialty dealing with bones and joints Orthopaedics
690. Fear of property Orthophobia
691. One, who looks after horses at an inn Ostler
692. To expert from society Ostracize
693. A large bird reputed to bury its head in sand when pursued Ostrich
694. Dungeon entered by trapdoor Oubliette
695. Cast out as useless Outcast
696. Policeman riding on motorcycle as guards to a vip Outriders
697. One who believes in total abolition of war Pacifist
698. A person, who is specialist in child diseases Paediatrician
699. Person who does not believe in any Pagan
700. Food which agrees with one’s taste Palatable
701. The study of ancient writing Palaeography
702. Study of fossils Paleontology
703. A remedy for all diseases Panacea
704. Government run universally Panarchy
705. A speech or writing praising a person or a thing Panegyric
706. Person who believes that god is everything and everything is god Pantheist
707. A dumb show Pantomime
708. A lover specially one who unlawfully takes the position of a wife or a husband Paramour
709. One who lives on others Parasite
710. A lady’s umbrella is Parasol
711. Funny imitation of a poem Parody
712. Pledge given by a prisoner for temporary release, not to escape Parole
713. Murder of one’s parents Parricide
714. Sole right to make and sell some invention Patent
715. One who examines tissues under a microscope to diagnose disease Pathologist
716. Study of disease Pathology
717. Murder of father Patricide
718. Property inherited from forefathers Patrimony
719. One who loves own country Patriot
720. A person who is very poor Pauper
721. Principles of teaching Pedagogy
722. One, who makes a vain display of his knowledge Pedant
723. A style in which a writer makes a display of his knowledge Pedantic
724. One, who goes on foot Pedestrian
725. The specialist who treats childhood illnesses Paediatrician
726. To remove the skin of a potato or an orange Peel
727. Equal in rank Peer
A small enclosure for cattle, sheep, poultry etc Pen
728. Fear of poverty Peniaphobia
729. Land so surrounded by water as to e almost an island Peninsula
730. Payment made in consideration of past service Pension
731. A specialist who treats diseases of the gum Periodontist
732. Be the embodiment or perfect example Personify
734. A person who looks at the darker side of things Pessimist
735. Fear of becoming bald Phalacrophobia
736. One who engages in extramarital sex Philander
737. One, who amuses himself  by love making Philanderer
738. One who is interested in charitable works Philanthropist
739. One who collects stamps Philatelist
740. Study of stamp collection Philately
741. One who does not care for art and literature Philistine
742. A lover of womankind Philogynist
743. One who works for the welfare of the women Philogynist/feminist
744. The study of languages Philology
745. A lover of learning Philomath
746. A lover of property and art Philomuse
747. A lover of arts Philotechnic
748. A lover of god Phiotheist
749. A lover of animals Philozoic
750. Fear of writing graph Phobia
751. Study of sound Phonetics, acoustics
752. The science of judging of a person’s character capabilities etc Phrenology
753. The study of human face Physiognomy
754. The science dealing with the functioning of organisms Physiology
755. Ride on someone’s back Piggyback
756. A thief who steals without using violence Pilferer
757. One who journeys to a holy place Pilgrim
758. One who does something first Pioneer
759. Act of turning hostility into friendly feelings Placation
760. Literary theft or passing off an author’s original work as one’s own Plagiarism
761. Someone who uses another person’s words or ideas as if they were his own Plagiarist
762. Ordinary remarks often repeated Platitude
763. Common place remarks Platitude
764. Egg-laying mammal Platypus
765. A decision made by votes of all qualified citizens Plebiscite
766. A person with full discretionary power to act on behalf of a country Plenipotentiary
767. Use of a more words than are needed to express the meaning Pleonasm
768. Government by the rich Plutocracy
769. Stand for a speaker Podium
770. The practice of marrying more than one husband at a time Polyandry
771. The practice of marrying more than one wife at a time Polygamy
772. One who speaks many languages Polyglot
773. A figure with many angles or sides Polygon
774. A place where ships where ships seek shelter Port
775. That can be carried easily Portable
776. A number of policeman called to quell a riot Posse
777. A child born after the death of his father or the book published after the death of the writer Posthumous
778. A book published after the death of its author Posthumus
779. An examination of dead body Post-mortem
780. A note appended to a letter after the signature Postscript
781. Something which can be taken for granted Postulate
782. Fit to drink Potable
783. A book or picture produced merely to bring in money Pot-boiler
784. A person concerned with practical results and rules Pragmatist
785. Any animal that lives by preying on other animals Predator
786. To form an opinion against anybody baselessly Prejudice
787. Explicit understanding to do something Promise
788. Prohibition against something injurious Proscription
789. Take legal action against somebody Prosecute
790. Woman who offers the use of her body for sexual intercourses to anyone who will pay for this Prostitute
791. Food for farm animals Provender
792. One who studies the pattern of voting in elections Psephologist
793. The branch of sociology that studies election trends Psephology
794. An imaginary name assumed by an author for disguise Pseudonym
795. One who treats mental and emotional disturbances Psychiatrist
796. One who studies the science of mind Psychologist
797. Antisocial person who may commit criminal acts Psychopath, sociopath
798. Inclined to fight or be aggressive Pugnacity
799. One who is particular about the purity of one’s languages Purist
800. One who pretends skill in medicine and surgery Quack
801. Animal having four foot Quadruped
802. An act of separation from other persons to avoid infection Quarantine
803. Stanza of four lines Quatrain
804. Formulated series of questions Questionnaire
805. A feather used as a pen Quill
806. Fixed number of person that must be present to make proceeding valid Quorum
807. People in rowdy Rabble
808. Emission of light or heat from central point Radiation
809. Lottery in which an article is assigned by lot to one of those buying tickets Raffle/draw
810. To use a woman by force Rape
811. One who takes up arms against government Rebel
812. Person who lives alone and avoid others Recluse
813. Too much official ceremonies Red-tapism
814. Murder of king or queen Regicide
815. Dress with medals, ribbons worn at official ceremonies Regalia
816. One who forsakes religion Renegade
817. Witty, clever retort Repartee
818. A light sailing boat built especially for racing yacht atonement Repentance
819. A state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representative, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch Republic
820. Shining, brilliant and magnificent Resplendent
821. Give tit for tat Retaliate
822. A person who is reserved in talks Reticent
823. A lady’s purse Reticule
824. Which takes effect from some earlier date Retrospective
825. A radical change or political upheaval Revolution
826. The art of elegant speech or writing Rhetoric
827. An intelligent and obedient machine like a man Robot
828. A string of beads used for counting prayers Rosary
829. Give back to the users their youthful vigor and appearance Rejuvenate
830. Violating or profaning religious thins/paces Sacrilege
831. A place for the sick to recover health Sanatorium
832. A place of refuge recognized as secure Sanctuary
833. A platform for hanging criminals Scaffold



One who is given to questioning the truth of facts and the soundness of inference Sceptic
835. Someone who knows a lot about the subject Scholar
836. Write hurriedly or carelessly in regard to hand writing Scribble
837. One, who cuts in stones Sculptor
838. Which does not favour anyone religion Secular
839. An instrument for measuring movement of the ground Seismograph
840. One who studies the meaning of words Semanticist
841. Music played or sung at night below a person’s window
842. Breeding of silkworm for silk production Sericulture
843. A stanza of six lines Sestet
844. A case in which the sword is kept Sheath
845. A case in which the blade of a sword is kept sheath Sheath / scabbard
846 Cutting all the waste paper into pieces Shredding
847. A woman with peevish nature Shrew
848. Go back and forth Shuttle
849. Sleep enjoyed in the afternoon Siesta
750. A portrait of a person with only the outline of the profile Silhouette
851. Happening at the same time Simultaneous
852. A job with high salary but little responsibility Sinecure
853. Someone who imports or exports without paying duties Smuggler
854. One who despises persons of lower social position Snob
855. One who studies social conditions Sociologist
856. A short stay at a place Sojourn
857. Eclipse of sun Solar
858. Speaking himself when alone Soliloquy
859. A piece of music by one person Solo
860. Sleepwalking Somnambulism
861. A person, who walks in sleep Somnambulist
862. Talking in sleep Somniloquism
863. A person, who talks in sleep Somniloquist
864. Causing or tending to cause sleep Soporific
865. Murder of sister Sororicide
866. One, who is a habitual drunkard Sot, toper
867. One who is a habitual drunker Sottoper
868. A thing kept as a reminder of a person, place or event Souvenir
869. Image formed by rays of light Spectrum
870. A person who spends his money recklessly Spendthrift, prodigal
871. Lady who remains unmarried Spinster
872. One who speaks on behalf others Spokesman
873. A place for horses Stable
874. To make free from living gems or bacteria Sterilize
875. One who loads and unloads ships Stevedore
876. A person who insists on something Stickler
877. A mark of shame Stigma
878.  A person, who is indifferent to pleasure and pain and has control over his passion Stoic
879. Indifference to pleasure or pain Stoicism
880. Walk in vain self-important way Strut
881. A heavy unnatural slumber Stupor
882. A place where pigs are kept Sty
833. Submarines operate below the surface of the seas Subterranean
884. Murder of oneself Suicide
885. A substitute Surrogate
886. The last work (literary) of a write Swan song
887. A large group of insects moving in a mass Swam
888. A boastful fellow Swashbuckler
889. To slap with a flat object Swat
890. Occurring at the same time or rate Synchronous
891. A council of clergymen Synod
892. Words which have the same meaning Synonyms
893. One who helps others good Samaritan
894. The art of preserving skin Taxidermy
895. One who does not take alcoholic drinks Teetotaller
896. One, who does not take any intoxicating drink Teetotaller
897. Power of reading thought of others Telepathy
898. An instrument of seeing distant objects Telescope
900. One who enjoy talking about others private affairs Telltale
901. A noisy quarrelsome women, a shrew Termagant
902. Station at the end of a rout Terminus
903. Fear of deaths Thanatophobia
904. One who believes in the existence of a god or gods Theist
905. Government by religious principles Theocracy
906. Government by the gods Therachy
907. An instrument for measuring temperature Thermometer
908. Fasten or secure with a rope, string, or cord Tie
909. One who always runs away from danger Timid
910. Pleasurable stimulation Titillation
911. Existing only in name Titular
912. A dull, heavy book Tome
913. One who is habitual drunken Toper/sot
914. Art of cutting tree and bushes into ornamental shape Topiary
915. A writing which end in death or sorrow Tragedy
916. Allowing light to pass through diffusely Translucent
917. The doctrine that human souls pass from one body to another at the time of death Transmigration
918. A drawing on transparent paper Transparency
919. That which can be seen through Transparent
920. An event which happens once in three years Triennial
921. Group of three novels Trilogy
922. Having three legs Tripod
923. Fear of numbers Triskaidekaphobia
924. A person/student who absents himself from class or duty without permission Truant
925. Plain or self evident truth Truism
926. Confidence reposed in person by making them nominal owner Trust
927. A disloyal person who betrays or desert his cause Turncoat
928. Two chidren born together Twins
929. Science of printing Typography
930. A place where lather is tanned Tannery
931. All of one mind Unanimous
932. Incapable of being avoided Unavoidable
933. Decision taken by one’s side only Unilateral
934. Belonging to all parts of the world Universal
935. Having information till today Up-to-date
936. The study of mountains Urology
937. One who lends money at higher rate of interest Usurer
938. A person who size something without the right to do so Usurper
939. An imaginary perfect social and political system Utopia
940. Murder of wife Uxoricide
941. Found or present everywhere Ubiquitous
942. A person who lives a wandering life Vagabond
943. A farewell speech Valedictory
944. Weak or sickly person especially one morbidly concerned with his or her health Valetudinarian
945. Someone who wilfully destroys or defaces property Vandal
946. Someone who eats no meat or fish Vegetarian
947. A fault that may be forgiven Venial
948. The meat of deer Venison
949. A performer who projects the voice into a wooden dummy Ventriloquist
950. Repetition of word by word, word for word Verbose
951. Interested in and clever at many different things Versatile
952. Animals having spinal column Vertebrate
953. Evening prayer in a church Vesper
954. One, who has a long experience of any occupation Veteran
955. A short literary description marked by delicacy Vignette
956. One who is determined to exact full vengeance for wrong done to him Vindictive
957. One who deals in wines Vintner
958. A woman who has no sexual experience Virgin
959. One who is brilliant performer on stage (specially music ) Virtuoso
960. One, who offers one’s services Volunteer
961. Person who gives himself up to luxury and sexual pleasures Voluptuary
962. One who is very eager for knowledge and reads a lot Voracious
963. A long journey especially by sea Voyage
964. Ione extremely fond of one’s mind two quickly Vacillation
965. A cock-shaped indicator on the building top to show the direction of air Weather-cock
966. A person sharing responsibility for a political party’s discipline and tactics Whip
967. A woman whose husband has died Widow
968. A man whose wife has died Widower
969. Method of sending message without the help of wires Wireless or radio
970. To move along with quick short twisting actions Wriggle
971. Fear of sex Genophobia
972. A place for clothes Wardrobe
973. A belt of the heavenly bodies divided into equal signs Zodiac
974. A place where birds and animals are kept Zoo
975. One who studies the science of history of animals of mountains till it melts after passing the snow line Zoologist
976. The branch of biology that studies animals Zoology
977. Fear of animals Zoophobia
978. Fear of god Zeusophobia
979. One who collects coins Numismatists
980. The ceremony at which a man becomes a priest Ordination
981. A factory where military materials are produced Ordnance
982. A person of Asian especially east Asian, descent Oriental
983. Fear of cockroaches Katsaridaphobia

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