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So you have studied every possible interview question there is to be studied. You have also researched the company thoroughly. You have been waiting for and preparing for this moment for what feels like an eternity, and now it’s practically here.Except, you’re a nervous wreck. Maybe the interview is a few hours away, maybe it’s only minutes, but nevertheless, you want to do something to get yourself back to a calm and collected mode before it begins.

In order to perform well at the interview and give your best, it is essential that you collect yourself before the interview and maintain your composure.

Here are a few ways to calm yourself before an interview.

Go for a small walk.

 Provided that you have enough time, you can choose to get some fresh air. If you have a telephonic interview, take yourself for a stroll around the corner (or, if you’re feeling ambitious, a run to release all those healthy endorphins). If it is a personal interview, take five minutes before you enter the venue to walk around and clear your head.

Be prepared for the worst.

Ask yourself what your biggest fear is. What do you think would embarrass you during the interview? Are you worried something might be stuck in your teeth? Pack a compact mirror and floss in your bag, just in case. Are you anxious about not having a good answer to a tricky question? Be positive, prepare in advance for a situation like this and learn how to cover your tracks when you don’t know an answer. By thinking ahead, you can truly calm down because you can be sure that even if the worst happens, you’re more than ready to deal with it.

Job down the details.

 Your preparation determines what the final result of any endeavour would be. The more you have prepared, the less you have to worry about. And if you are someone who gets overwhelmed when there are lots of things to do, you might want to write it down in order to remember everything. You could maybe start a note on your phone and jot down all the essentials—the address of the venue, the hiring manager’s name, the time, the main things you’d like to get across in the interview, your questions, and whatever else you can think of. Use this list to prep and assure yourself that everything is under control.

Have a good meal.

 A great interview day must begin with a great meal. For some, this means going the healthy way. Meaning, to eat something full of those energy-boosting antioxidants. For others, it could be indulging in your favourite comfort foods. There’s no set method to this—just make it right for you. Do whatever suits you best, what makes you feel energised. An empty stomach makes the nervousness worse and might end up giving you a headache as well. So eat well before the interview.

And lastly, remember to smile.

No trouble is too big to stop you from smiling; moreover, it automatically uplifts your mood. All the best!

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