5 Kinds of men and women one should never date.

Just because you’ve been single for a while or need a rebound doesn’t mean you have to put up with any stupidity. There are certain types of idiots, nasty people and even just bore snores who you should avoid at all costs. You might be tempted to try and make it work. You might be tempted to let them “grow on you”. But that’s a load of rubbish and you know it. You have your deal-breakers, or at least you should have your deal-breakers. So when the person your dating or even considering dating starts to show their lack of ambition or their unacceptable habits, don’t just try to make it work. Ditch them ASAP!

You’ll have your own list of criteria, of stuff you can’t deal with from somebody that you’re dating. But there’s also stuff that every single one of us should be paying attention to when it comes to dating, like if they have poor manners or they get too intense too quickly. Here’s a list of the type of bad habits and red flags you should be looking for when it comes to dating so that you can make sure you don’t waste your time on somebody who isn’t right for you.

Here are 5 kinds of men and women one should never date.

The pushy ones.

They met you yesterday but they are already hitting you with the “You make me feel so whole, you’re my life babe, it’s you or no one else.” They come on too strong and before you even know what’s happening, you’re way in over your head almost immediately. Their plan is to have you wrapped around their finger or eating off their palm before you even realize it. Someone who has not even taken the time to get to know you but is already planning the color of the curtains of your future home, how sincere do you think they are? They are not in love with you. They merely love the idea of you. So let this be a red flag and ditch them before its too late.

The over possessive ones.

It’s okay to be possessive a little. People find that very cute. But when he/she starts snooping around your email, phone or social media and even starts checking your web history. That’s a major psycho alert. These excessively jealous and possessive people will do anything, they’ll spy on you, might even put bugs in your car and phone. Very unstable people. They also tend to be control freaks in the relationship and can come across as downright harassing at times. “Where were you last night? I called you 20 times” – I don’t know what is more bothersome, that they called 20 times or that they don’t know that people sleep at night. These people keep interrogating. They feel you should ask for permission before you breathe, let alone go or do anything. They want to own you. And that my friend, is an unhealthy relationship. If your partner is anything like this, you need to get rid of them.

The ones with weird habits.

We all have our little pet peeves. You might be tempted to try and forget the things that make you cringe if you’re looking to make it work with a guy or girl you’re seeing. But that’s about as easy to do as pulling out your own eyelashes. Let’s say, for example, they talk with a mouth full of food and that makes you want to hurl into your Caesar salad. Or perhaps they make cheesy jokes to waiters that make you sink down in your chair. Those are the kind of things we’re talking about here. If their habits give you a shudder down your spine you’re not going to forget about it, it’s only going to get worse. When you have your first fight those little things that gross you out or annoy you are going to seem ten times worse. So you might as well nip this one in the bud. If you find them gross right now, chances are, you will find them gross forever. So don’t make yourself go through the weirdness, move on already.

The ones who just got out of a serious relationship.

If you’re really into someone, it’s hard to think logically. You have as much sense as a googly-eyed teenager even though you might be in your 20s or 30s. You can’t help it. But this is the reason why you choose to ignore the things that could mean your relationship is doomed from the very start, such as the fact that the guy or girl has just gotten out of a serious relationship. It’s a bad idea to hook up with someone who has just been through a breakup because there’s always the chance that you’re just the rebound. You don’t want somebody using you to get over their ex. Similarly, you don’t want somebody who is pining over their ex, whether they’re doing it in secret or openly. You’re awesome, you deserve better.

The ones with no goals in life.

We all have our quarter-life crises. It’s hard to work out what you really want from life. But is the person you’re dating even trying? Or will they be happy with their little office job for the next ten years? You want somebody with fire in their belly, somebody who is working towards something exciting. They don’t have to be the next president or a big star or anything. They just need a passion and goals. People who aren’t ambitious, get stuck in a perpetual cycle of monotony. And they’re boring, sorry. It won’t be long before they’re unhappy and hate their job and thus hate their lifestyle. But if they’re not willing to do anything about it, they’ll just end up with a gray cloud hanging over their head. No, you don’t want to date somebody like that. Just like everything else in their life, this relationship will have no spark and will be driven by fate, not you both. Why waste time? Leave them to figure out their state of affairs.

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