5 Celebrity Meditation Techniques That Can Help You Reshape Your Life

Introduction and increasing interest in “YOGA” has lead to practice of meditation in their daily life.

Meditation is process of being patient and calmed through out its process. Meditation awakens our spirituality and we can notice a kind of peace and calmness in us these busy world.

Meditation can be done anywhere and at anytime.

After meditation gained so much popularity many big celebrities have started doing this. So let’s check out who all they are and why not drive some inspiration from them:

Arianna Huffington

She rules the online journalism. She says she invest at least 20 to 30 minutes in mediation. She knows the benefit of mediation and calls it a productive activity to indulge into. She recommends everyone to inculcate the habit of meditation in their daily life. According to her starting with small duration and later on stretching it to longer duration will give better result. Just 5 minutes of mediation in a day can have a transforming effect on anyone. So just start by 5 minutes and see what it will lead you to.

Jeff Weiner

He is the CEO of LinkedIn. She says that she knew about benefits of meditation but some how it took his very long to inculcate this healthy habit in his daily life. Now he proudly promotes this healthy habit regarding it as a habit that changed his life direction in all total different perspective.

Before starting he took feedback from his friends who actually practised mediation for really long time. He do not meditate daily instead he practices meditation he has sorted a specific way of doing meditation that will get him more efficient results.

Oprah Winfrey

She is an iron lady, a TV legend her life is full of inspiration. She loves doing mediation as this provides her the calmness she needs in this noisy world. She loves getting up early in morning and indulging her in to the beauty of nature. She loves listening to chirping of birds in morning. She makes a point to appreciate the gifts of nature has bestowed upon her. She believes that mediation is not any form of hard physical activity to attain some fitness but it’s a very spiritual practice that awakens our soul.

Katy Perry

She is regarded as one of the notorious pop star. She has a very hectic lifestyle but somehow she has managed her daily schedule to find sometime for meditation. She has learned the Transcendental Meditation Techniques and has been practising meditation since. She also encourages and advices her crew members to practice mediation for a better and healthy lifestyle. She talks about benefits of mediation that now she feels her neuro pathways more opened now and she feels herself sharper now.

Kobe Bryant

Kobe is a star athlete and thus for him remaining fit is of utmost importance. He knows the importance of being calm and patient and thus has started practicing mediation every early morning. He practices mediation for every 15 minutes in morning. He says mediation always drift his mind to game.

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