5 Billionaires Who Still Drives Cheap Cars

We all still believe that every rich person must be owing a high cost and a very fancy cars . The general masses envy about the rich owning a luxurious house or when they buy a private plane altogether for themselves.

But amazingly in today’s time there a few rich people that doesn’t own a luxurious cars. Instead of having such high valued car they are seen driving in an old model cars that are too cheap according to their financial status.

Let’s have a look on such down to earth rich people :-


The Wal-Mart co- heir having the net worth of around forty-five billion dollarsdrives a newer version but that is also quite old , 2006 Ford F-150 King Ranch.

Her reason behind driving such cheap car according to her financial status is quite sentimental . She is following the footsteps of her father and the Founder of Wal-Mart , Mr. Sam Walton who used to drive 1979 Ford F-150 till his last moments of life.


The Facebook founder doesn’t really invest in stock of rich cars as other rich people do. His ideology of life is quite simple that can be easily noticed by the type of  clothes he wears. He drives Acura TSX which is just valued at $ 30,000( in addition to a Volkswagen GTI). The reason he give behind it is that it’s safe , comfortable and just not ostentatious.


He is the owner of NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers. He drives 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid whose actual cost is $28000. His father was a manager at Ford Motor Company. Therefore Ballmer’s father owned Ford entire his life .


He is the Founder of IKEA, Ingvar KAMPRAD. He is quite notorious as he once claimed that  all his wearing was bought at a flea market.

A very popular incident related to him was that he got very angry when he noticed that IKEA head office furniture has been replaced with a high quality furniture. It is said that he drove 1993 Volvo 240 GL for twenty years. He only replaced it only after his friend advised him to change the car because of it depreciating value and had warned him that it is no more safe to drive it.


He is considered to be the king of frugal. His strange habit of ordering the same one of three different options from McDonald’s every morning for breakfast is quite famous. He well known for his habit of splurge.

He had driven 2006 Cadillac DTS for nearly a decade until his daughter convinced him to upgrade it. He now drives new Cadillac XTS with a retail value of $45,000 . He has given a statement in interview that he only drives about 3,500 miles a year so it’s just impractical for him to buy a new car very often.

As you have seen such rich people investing so less in cars proves that any unnecessary expenditures will only cause troubles in your life.

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