4 Tricks to handle fashion pressure and be confident in your skin.

Our generation suffers from the stress of constantly looking picture perfect. Our outfit should be Instagram worthy and our makeup must always be on point. We hold ourselves against standards set by models and fashion bloggers and constantly feel the pressure to be fashionable.

So how to handle fashion pressure and be confident in your skin?

A number of suggestions come to my mind, but the first and foremost is the most simplistic, yet most important- Accept yourself. If you’ve seen the movie ‘The Sisterhood of the traveling pants’ you must recall the character called Carmen. She struggles through the course of the movie with her appearance and is constantly compared to the daughter of her stepmother. During the latter part of the movie, Carmen ends up yelling at her mother at a dress fitting that she is Puerto Rican and she is built curvy. She accepts herself and only then does the people around her around her accept her too. What a wonderful feeling it is to love oneself exactly how we are- with all the scars and imperfections. Because nobody in this world is absolutely perfect. So hold your head up high.

Choose comfort over fashion.

Yes, the denim mini skirt may look great on the Victoria Secret model, but is it comfortable enough to sit through classes in your college all day? Be sensible in your choice of clothing. Don’t wear shorts in the winter and later complain of catching a cold. Choose your clothes according to the weather. Also, give importance to the fabric of your clothing. Wear less of artificial fibers like synthetic and more of natural fibers like cotton. It helps your skin breathe. When it comes to footwear, give a break to your legs from those high heels and don a pair of well-fitting flats. Your feet will thank you later.

Stay within your budget.

This is extremely important. We tend to follow fashion trends blindly and develop brand consciousness. However, we must always remember that trends come and go. They don’t last forever. So it is impractical to spend huge amounts of money on something you will not wear as much. Be practical and buy pieces that can be worn again. Also, buy pieces such as co-ord sets that can be paired with different pieces to create a variety of outfits. Layering also comes in handy when being practical and budget-friendly and looks extremely fashionable as well.

Always be well groomed.

You can wear the trendiest footwear and the most ravishing dress, yet the first thing that catches the eye of the onlooker is how well groomed you are. So make sure you look tidy and smell great. It leaves a lasting impression and makes you feel confident in your skin.

Lastly, create your own rules.

Do not live by the choices made by others and the trends set by social media. You should wear what truly expresses you. Wear the colors that please you and the clothes that look good on you. We dress to make ourselves happy, not anyone else.

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