4 Pillars to be a Great Speaker

Most of  the people want to build their career in speaking field as well as they want to  become a great speaker but they don’t know how they express their views in public they speak but not systematic because of they lose their confidence in audience. Here we tell you to how you become a great speaker and which types of things required in your speech.As you know to stand anything, we give support from four sides. It required four pillars to stand properly like you need to build a house and give strong base you give support from four walls. Here we also discuss about your speaking, here you also required four pillars to be great speaker.

4 Pillars to be a Great Speaker


There are so many rules to be a great speaker but we used these because it is effective. First, Logos means logic, opinion, expectation. But its became a technical word in philosophy beginning and used for principle of order and knowledge. Logos means logic behind the word or any argument.  If you start any speech in audience it must be know about your speech and it must be logical behind your speech. You speak always logical things and represent it 100%. When you start speech you should know what you are talking about and what you’ll talk and include effective words in your speech which create attention towards you. Focus on your speaking not in your mistakes, because if you focus on mistake you cannot pay attention in your speaking. Here the question comes that how will you create logic in your speech. You need to focus on every word, sentence and paragraph of your speech. Give 100% on each and every content of your speech. It will bring logic in your speech.


    Second is Ethos, ethos is also a Greek word, meaning credibility , but currently usage of ethos, ethos forms the roof of ethical, meaning “moral”, showing character. Used for the study of the moral. It is the origin of the modern English word ethics.Basically, you know that in a speech you must be know about your morals and duties. If you speak in any topic you should know you not hurt to other religion, community etc. your speech must be show credibility. Use effective words in your speaking which show your morals and attract to audience


 Third, pathos means emotion. You should show emotion according to you speech and your facial expressions also define your speaking way. In other word, if you speak on happiness moment your emotion or express show your happiness but if you go on sad moment your express show your sorrows. You can’t give different express according to your speech. If you do like that your speaking ways give a bad impact to your audience


Last but not the least; Passion is very important in your speaking. If you haven’t passion to speak, you can’t be become a great speaker, you can’t speak well in audience. Firstly you should be passionate for your speaking after that you can do tremendous job in your life. You need to express you view and speak with passion. Without passion you cannot stand for long time in front of audience and lose your confidence to speak.


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