4 Female Entrepreneurs Spills Beans About Dealing With Stress

In today’s corporate world the pressure to achieve our target goals leaves us with so much stress that it has become a part of our life. No matter how much hardworking you are, you feel pressurised all time with so much activities happening around you.

 But if we talk about female entrepreneurs the pressure is always increased as compared to male entrepreneurs. They have to make a balance between their professional and personal life. An unsaid pressure of responsibility always falls on their part and they are always looked upon on how gracefully they manage it.

Let’s have a look on 4 female entrepreneurs and their golden rules to tackle stress-



This above line of Founder and CEO in Lieu today holds too much importance today. Just go and see any of the social networking app the photos and videos give you the glimpse of how much we all have driven ourselves in an unrealistic lifestyle. The mad race to compare our life with other’s life has leaded us nowhere instead it’s just eating up our peace. We must understand the fact that comparing ourselves with others will surely not change our lifestyle standard but hard work in our career and business will only pave way for our success.

Dominique Penn

“Believing in power of outwork.”

Dominique is an author and blogger besides being an entrepreneur. She believes in the power of outwork. According to her a person must believe in his/her capabilities and a fire must ignited in our body to learn more and more. Our selfless dedication towards our goal will only pave our way to success thus reducing our stress level. She also believes in healthy competition and knows when to give a break to our body in order to remain stress free.

Jodi Lavian

“Every problem comes with a solution”

Jodi Lavian is the co- founder of Dermelect Cosmeceuticals, and believes that there is no problem that doesn’t come with a solution. There is no business or profession that has a smooth running, we all face hurdles at one time or others so instead of panicking at such situations, and you must find the solutions to tackle your problems. With proper planning and proper execution you can minimise your problems and even turn your problem into a winning situation too it’s just you have to find the key to solve your problem.

Christine Andrukonis

“Know your worth”

Christine is the founder and senior partner of Notion Consulting. She knows the risks associated with being an entrepreneur, she says you need to be mentally prepared of every loss and rejection you face. But amidst this you should never ever forget your worth. You must believe in your potential and knowing your importance is must to achieve progress in your business. It happens many a time that after facing so much loss you start disbelieving but remaining positive and learning from your mistakes will help you in achieving success.

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