39 Divyanka Tripathi Quotes On Respect And Happiness

Happiness is being content with what you have, living in freedom and liberty, having a good family life and good friends.

I really believe that some things happen for a reason, and they make you a better person.

Small things make me happy, and I laugh out loud on the silliest of jokes!

Respect your partner. Be happy in your partner’s happiness.

I have started exploring my own life and have started valuing myself. I have started valuing my individuality.

If you are good to people, they reciprocate with good behaviour.

There are groups of haters who always try to malign my image. They question my character and make all kinds of false announcements. It hurts because they assume things and without any proof in hand.

These haters are too less in number when compared to the millions who support me. I look at all those beautiful people who always stand by me. I respect them, and they equally respect me.

I don’t wish to curse anyone. I just feel bad when women, especially, try to sabotage the image of another woman.

It feels good when you learn to move on in life.

I look forward to a life partner who can look after me and respect me.

As long as there is a new twist in the storyline, there cannot be any space for monotony.

I have learnt sketching, drawing, singing, dancing, rifle shooting, paragliding.

It is sweet that people want to know everything about my wedding, but they should also respect my privacy.

I am still a hard-core romantic.


Even though I am an actor, by nature I am what you could call a homely girl.

Never fight with or disrespect your partner in front of other people.

Comedy is far more difficult, as it involves improvisation and impromptu acting, and as an actor, that came as a welcome break for me.

Nothing scares me about marriage.

We women are fools to do so much for the man we love. And we forget to stand for ourselves.

 I need to find the right guy and the right family. The day I find something worth my while, I will get married and have kids, too.

I usually have a 13-hour workday. But at times, we get lucky when we wind up in 8 or 10 hours.

After certain ups and downs, a person does change, and I have changed for good.

We must never lose our individuality.

No actor can be a complete artist without trying his/her hand at comic roles.

There was nothing girlish about me. I wore clothes hand-stitched by my mother… I had only one ear pierced and preferred loose shirts and trousers. I think I was imitating my father!

I’m not a chui-mui.

I am a celebrity, but I don’t want people standing outside my wedding venue.

In India, public display of affection is frowned upon.

I won’t sleep until I have resolved an issue with my husband.

I can never lie to my partner. Even if the truth is harsh, I’ll break it to my partner but won’t lie.

Earlier, I thought it would be better for an actress to marry a businessman or a person from other profession, as it offers more stability. But then I realised that if I marry someone who doesn’t belong to the same industry , he wouldn’t understand my erratic schedules and also the norms of the glamour industry.

You tend to relate to the other person better if you understand their professional needs.

I am a practical girl.

‘YHM’ has broken many stereotypes on Indian television with its take on remarriage, infertility, and idea of marrying for the love for a child.

I believe that children should not be made to work.

Kids in the entertainment industry are at a risk of developing depression, as they see glamour at an early age.

I recommend marriage to everyone.

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