38 David Copprefield Quotes Performance And Dreams

It is the unspoken ethic of all magicians to not reveal the secrets.

There is a safe spot within every tornado. My job is to find it.

I find revealing the secrets of magic quite reprehensible.

The real secret of magic lies in the performance.

I’m just waiting for people to start asking me to make the rain disappear.

The key is for the audience never to know, so I have a plan B for every illusion.

If I was gay, why would I hide it?

My show is constantly evolving… new tricks are added, old ones are dropped… so it stays fresh. But it’s the randomly selected participants from the audience that make it fresh and provide some of the best comic relief.

Demonic figures and occult themes have disappeared from modern magic

Dreams are illusions, and we can’t let go of them because we would be dead

It’s really hard to think of one kind of magic as a favorite. I’ve been really fortunate in that I’ve been able to perform such a diverse range of things.

I brush my teeth with a Sonicare toothbrush before every show.

For my father, being kind was natural… I have to really work at it. I love competing and winning, conquest – not words you usually associate with kindness.

I try to help people realize their dreams by using magic to tell stories that educate, move, and inspire.

The first trick I bought at Macy’s was a little wooden board where a quarter would appear and disappear.

The first trick I bought at Macy’s was a little wooden board where a quarter would appear and disappear.

No self-respecting gay guy would have ever made some of the hair and clothing choices I am still trying to live down.

Magic came very easy for me when I was a kid. When I was 8 years old I started doing it, and by the time I was 12, I was already published in magic books.

I have always been interested in pushing magic forward

I’m really trying hard not to do anything that has been done before. So knowing everything I can about the legacy of magic challenges my team and I to invent new illusions.

For me to grow, I have to know about the foundation that came before

I need a form of escape even when I’m working really hard.

I act like I’m 14, if you haven’t figured that out yet.

It’s okay for me to be gay, but God didn’t make me that way.

When you’re a guy and meet a girl the first time, you do whatever it takes.

Magic is my paint.

I really did sneak into Broadway shows, starting when I was 12.

I was an only child. We were so poor, my parents and I had the same room.

I am fortunate to have the resources to have many methods to do each of my illusions.

You have to learn certain skills to present magic.

Magic really helped me.

You can feel better about yourself in a very short period of time depending on the kind of magic that you are doing

Physical rehab is often very, very hard work.

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