Our life is fully unpredictable. We don’t know what next situation we are going to face. We live in constant impression that our life is everlasting and nothing is going to change so we just become accustomed to our soothing life and then suddenly something unpleasant happen and we get to see a different perspective of life. We then have to step out of our comfort zone and then we realise there are more powerful energy which controls our life.

Have a look on these below points may be you get know your life purpose

Calmness has been engulfed in you

Sometime it becomes hard to find your true self. It’s just like uncovering a lost keybut when you find your true self you become much more calmed and cool.

You will notice your stress level has been reduced. Though you are going through many problems in your daily life but suddenly you feel all your problems has been cured. You don’t feel more tensed out. You just have control on your problems.

You feel the pressure but your soul is much more at ease and comfort now. Problems don’t affect you the way it used you to bother you earlier. Thus strangely you have find your purpose.

You feel much more energized

If you find that your health has been improving it may be that you have founded your purposeof your life. You remain more positive now. You start getting your true calling.

Your immunity increases thus you have more potential to fight the ailments , stress and illness in more effective and efficient way .

Flow of money

If you their is unexpectedly free flow of money in your life no matter how small the difference it’s a sign that you have founded your life purpose. You finally begun to push and change the blockage of your past that had been holding you for long in your past.

All such sudden flow is related to a super power that has it’s own way of course and will and comes naturally to you.

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