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You have been toiling hard and preparing for the big interview. But alas! Something unexpected comes up and knocks your plans over. It might be an illness or a family emergency, but the bottom line is that you have to do something you dread the most- reschedule, or the cancel the job interview all together. And it is understandable that you are worried, because you are wondering if you will get this opportunity again. That’s why it is said that the manner in which you handle the cancellation (or rescheduling) can mean the difference between leaving things on reasonably decent terms, and creating a bad impression that blows any chance of working for that company.

Here is how to cancel a job interview.

Giving a reason.

 Yes, it might be tempting to avoid the awkward situation all together but a professional knows that this is not right. Theindustry is a large one, but you must remember that recruiters and hiring managers talk to one another about candidates. If you try and skip out without prior warning, word will get around. And you do not want to hurt your reputation, right? So yes, it is but obvious that you need to speak up. And do not leave it up to an email or text. For something like this, it is suggested that you pick up the phone and do things face-to-face (or voice-to-voice, as it were). After you have made that call, make sure to send a follow-up email so that everything is clear to everyone. This might be a tad awkward to do, but it is the right thing.

Also, do not overexplain.

A lot of people, due to nervousness, have a tendency to ramble on. Avoid this whilecancelling an interview, even if you’re tempted to provide a detailed explanation for your actions.If you want to reschedule, something as simple as, “Unfortunately, I cannot make this time due to unforeseen circumstances. Can we reschedule for a later date?” will suffice.If you surely want to cancel, you should make this absolutely clear (as opposed to trying to switch dates and times). You could keep it short and sweet: “While I appreciate you considering me for this role, I’ve decided to remove myself from consideration for the position,” will probably work just fine. Whatever the case may be, keep your explanation short and humble.


 Make sure that you apologize for the cancelation or rescheduling. It goes on to show that you are considerate of the hiring manager’s time. Your attitude should reflect that you are respectful of the opportunity you were given. This is important becauseif you ever apply for another job at the same company, the recruiters will remember your behaviour from the last go-round. So whatever impression you create will be a deciding factor.

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