3 Reasons Why Rejection Hurts So Much?

Rejections are painful and can become a cause of suicidal tendency in human beings. Rejections can lead to depressions, poor mental health, and increased anxiousness.

In this fast moving world where we face rejections on a daily basis in form of personal and professional connection. Today the vastness of our rejection has increased because of our over indulgence in social media platforms and dating apps. We easily feel rejected if someone ignores our posts, texts, chats. These minor rejections can have serious implications on our health.

Thus the question arises why can’t we handle or face any type of rejection? Why we feel so much humiliated on facing any rejections. Rejections are bound to spoil our mood and we feel so bad about that negatives surrounds us very easily.

Our self esteem gets low and sadly we progress towards on the path of self-help harm only.

We need to understand the mechanism of rejection process. How our brain works during rejection and working of our emotions during facing rejections.

Upon studying and experimenting people, scientists have founded something very unusual and amazing. Upon doing MRIs of people they have founded that human being experience a kind of physical pain when they go through rejections. Thus a person feels much pain even in small rejections too as they only aggravate our pain.

Our brain mechanism is made in such a way. According to the evolutionary psychologist, human being is a social animal and thus any kind of isolation or any kind of rejection from his social group is not easily accepted by the human brain. The feeling of humiliation and ignorance is not easy to digest for human brain. This behaviour has been passed to us through our genes.

Rejections tend to sadden us, lower our self esteem, and increase in our aggression.

We human being can’t easily digest the fact that our romantic partner has dumped us, being rejected in interview.

We start harming our self unnecessarily. We go through a lot negative thought process where we consider our self to be coward, useless, incapable of doing anything. We get into the habit of counting our shortcomings.

These thoughts are very emotionally unhealthy for us. At time it can become a cause of self destruction too.

Thus we must know how to combat the problem of rejection. It’s inevitable to avoid rejection in our life thus we must find healthier ways to face the rejection and reduce the serious implications of rejection on us.

In order to rebuild our self esteem and boost up our confidence level follow the below ways:

Healthy response to Self-Criticism

It’s not at all easy to face any sort of criticism done to you but keeping your mind cool can further save from much damage. Don’t fall in the trap of blame game where you consider yourself to be loser in every situation.

Realising your self-worth

It’s important that you should be highly proud of your capabilities. Whenever you esteem goes down, remind yourself of all the blessings god has bestowed upon you.

Strengthening your social connection

We all human beings are social animal thus any sort of aloofness, socially untethered leaves us emotional disturb. Remember you have you are always surrounded by your close friends and family so just have a open talk with them if you are going through any breakdown situation.

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