3 Most Overrated Personal Habits

We all strive hard for our better personal development. Be it any sphere of our life we love to take it to a higher level.

But there are few personal development habits that are actually overrated. We tend to drive maximum productivity from our habits but actually this is not the case. In this era of technology it becomes very hard for a person to differ between truth and marketing.

Have a look on the most overrated personal development habits


Mediation brings positivity in a person and strives towards a better health of a person. Mediation has always been appeared to be mystical in eyes of a person where meditation can do wonders. We always link mediation to the yogi doing it on an isolated hill invoking peace and calmness in a person.

It helps to find our inner peace but you must notice the fact that the effect or say result of mediation differs from person to person.

It may happen that one person feels inner peace immediately but other person struggles a lot to find it. The method may also vary from person to person. Meditation is source of inner peace but not at all solution for your each and every problem of your life.

Myth of Rising early

Almost all of our childhood had been revolving around the saying success will only come if you wake up early in morning but this is not the truth and also it was always advocated that early waking up tends to provides us more peace and solace which can increase our productivity and creative thinking.

Though waking up early is a good habit and it leads to getting us that two to three more extra hours in a day but it doesn’t goes well with everyone. Every person body clock mechanism is different and hence their productivity also varies.

For example most of the creative people are night owls and they love to work to late in night amidst all peace and pin drop silence which increases their productivity.

There can be no one best or ideal time of working it depends on person’s productivity when he/she are more comfortable in.

Focused on “our self” only

It’s a misconception that personal development revolves just around “you”. You tend to improve and upgrade yourself, your lifestyle while being isolated from everyone surrounding you.

The real personal development happens only when your relationship with others get improvised.

Personal development not just focuses on individual productivity but it also focuses on more than that.

It enables you to work in collaboration with others. We all are social animals and if we don’t go well with others and doesn’t have smooth relationship with others then you need to see where you are going wrong.

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