Way to Kind to Yourself Today

The best gift you are ever going to give yourself is the permission to feel safe in your own skin. To feel worthy. To feel like you are enough. And more often than not we end up neglecting ourselves the most. So here are 19 ways to be kind to yourself today. Read on to find out!

19 ways to give yourself the love you deserve:

1)      Keep an attitude of gratitude! The best way to be kind to yourself and be positive is to keep an attitude of gratitude. When you wake up, make it a habit to thank the universe for a good night’s sleep, a comfortable home and any other thing you want to attract more of. The universe will multiply whatever you thank it for, so make it a habit to do so.

2)      Watch a fun video or listen to music that you like. It instantly lifts your mood.

3)      Express love to your family and friends and all loved ones. It is the most heartwarming feeling ever.

4)      Practice affirmations. Write them down on a paper and repeat to yourself at various times throughout the day. Thoughts like ‘Everything will work out in perfect harmony’, ‘My heart is full of love towards myself and all those around me’ are great to start your day.

5)      Practice smiling more and laughing freely! Don’t hold back your emotions.

6)      Let go of all anger that exists inside you. Forgiveness is divine. Forgive those who have wronged you in any manner. Remember, five years down the line it won’t matter. So why fret over it?

7)      Forgiving yourself is just as important as forgiving others, if not more. So release any pent-up anger and let go of all grudges.

8)      Get closer to nature. Go out for walks, feel the wind in your hair and admire the beauty of the world around you.

9)      Don’t suppress your feelings. Cultivate a habit to convey your emotions in a constructive manner.

10)   Do things that make you happy, that make your heart sing. You don’t have to be the best at it, you can just sing in the shower. But do it and feel happy!

11)   Compliment others. Find something you appreciate in a person and tell them.

12)   Treat yourself once in a while. Whether it is buying something you really want, or a chocolate or a much needed trip, you should make yourself feel loved.

13)   Take some ‘me time’ out for yourself every day and during that time, indulge in a hobby. It could be reading, playing an instrument, cooking or anything that delights you.

14)   Organize your room. Cleaning the clutter brings a sense of clarity to the mind.

15)   Respect yourself. As simple as it sounds, it is often hard to bring into practice. We criticize ourselves and punish ourselves for the tiniest mistakes. Instead, treat yourself with the kind of respect you want from others.

16)   Acceptance is key. Love yourself exactly the way you are.

17)   Eat good foods that nourish your body. Cut down on junk food, alcohol and smoke.

18)   Meditate. It increases focus and helps you concentrate.

19)   Talk more to people who make you feel valued and loved!

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