15 Life lessons we must know before the age of 30

The age before 30 is a significant period in human life. It includes the formative years i.e. our childhood, adolescence and our early adulthood. A lot of what we do or become in our life will be dependent on these years. This period constitutes the quarterly life crisis which makes us go through stress, confusion, a feeling of being astray. The time consists of high and lows and will most probably determine how we lead our lives towards the latter part of human life cycle. The human life, in all its essence, is like a sine wave-full of ups and downs. And the age mentioned above is no different. So, here’s my list of the vital lessons all men should know before the age of 30.

Find your calling

Why are we here? What are we born? We are born to eventually die. But what happens in between is what matters. Like I said, the period between 18 to late 20’s will give you the chance to improvise, experiment and thus to eventually know what it is that truly makes you get up early in the morning and fills you up with joy. Find that calling, identify your purpose and devote yourself to it for a truly joyous life.


“Fear has killed more dreams than failure ever will” truly resonates well. When you have your entire life ahead of you, why should you be afraid of anything? When you know your path, your calling, why should you stop at anything? Run toward your dreams and do not surrender.


As you grow older you will hear a certain word numerous time. The word is Regret. Life moves pretty fast and we all miss out on something. Each of us had something to do, something to achieve, something to learn. But in the hustle and bustle, we missed out on it and the residual feeling that remains is regret. We lament about the events that transpired and are hung up on them. Rather, we should understand that not everything was meant for us and the place where we are, is far better for us than the place where we could have been. So live life king size and never look back.

Fall in love

Love someone truly and deeply. Some of us may have already experienced this feeling, some of us may have not. But whether you are meant to be together or not fall in love with someone. Find a girl to share your hopes, your dreams, your fears, your pain. Find someone to turn to no matter what your status quo. Today, love is a word thrown around easily without even understanding the meaning of it. Be patient. Believe me, the wait will be worth it.


Identify your idea of success. Your idea of success might be different as compared to your friend’s. It is unique for individuals for that matter. It may so happen that your interpretation of success may not be celebrated or cheered. Fear not, do what you have to do, FOR YOU.

Find a hobby

You will inadvertently face hardships and you will need time off from your daily way of living. Find something that soothes you during such tumultuous times. Find a hobby that helps you to calm yourself down and re-energizes you.

Understand the importance of time

People who have achieved greatness knew the importance of time. Time, like sand in your fist, will sneak out through your fingers. So, use it in a way it benefits you the most. If you are a Pink Floyd fan the lines “And, then one day you find ten years have got behind you, No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun” will resonate well with you.

Understand the importance of money.

Money is both the source of all evil and the solution to many problems. Its for us to decide how we use it. We must decide how much is enough, that must be the extent of it. If you cross the line greed takes over and then it becomes meaningless.


Remember that no matter what, family comes first. We must be the source of pride and happiness for our family. They are the ones that will stick with us through the thick and thin and enable us to face any obstacle in life. More often than not we take them for granted and forget that they must be the ones high on the priority list. We realize this mistake late in our lives and then REGRET takes over. Try spending time with them whenever you can, if not talk to them. Ask about their condition. This won’t take any effort but that is what makes the people around us happy.

Sometimes you’ll only get one chance to make it count.

Opportunities in life will be rare and sporadic. But when you see one seize it. You might sometimes feel you are not where you want to be. Don’t worry. Your time will come, that opportunity will come. All you need to do is be ready for it and grab it with both hands. All your efforts will direct you towards that one opportunity, so work hard for it.

Talk to people

This is something I have realized late in life. Being an introvert has nothing to do with it. It doesn’t matter if you talk to someone you don’t know or with someone you have known for years. Just talk. This will give a different perspective on everything. People are unique. How we think, how we observe everything is different. Talking to others will give you that added dimension to something you weren’t aware of.

Go out of your way to help others.

I might have raised some eyebrows by saying this but give it a thought. The world right now is so self-centric, we have no empathy. The indifference towards others is baffling at times. Helping someone truly in need will give a sense of satisfaction.

Time to learn

The age before 30 is the best time to learn. We are more adept at absorbing knowledge at this stage and we must make the most of it. By lean I don’t mean get number of degrees. I mean understand yourself, understand life and find what will make you get out of that bed every single day of your life.

Would the 30 years you be proud of you?

Make sure that the future you would be ecstatic by the decision you take today because the decision you take today will bore fruit in the future and inadvertently it will be for you. So always think before you act.

Don’t chase, become

Don’t chase things. Don’t be greedy about something just because someone has it and not you. As I said we all want different things in life and we receive them when the time comes. Always try to improve yourself, try to become someone and the things that need to be in your life will chase you.

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