Tricks For Boosting Your Concentration

We all have those moments in our lives where we fail to hold upon our will power and concentration. You want to excel in studies or reach your goal at work within deadline but you’re not able to focus.

Let me tell you, this phase comes in everyone’s life one or the other moment. However, there is nothing to worry about.

Here are 10 simple tricks for boosting your concentration

Get proper sleep

We all agree that this world of digitization has made all of us an insomniac. However, we all forget that just like other organs, the mind also needs complete rest and hence, proper sleep. So, if you a target to achieve, never deprive your sleep instead take proper sleep. This will make your mind work with more concentration

    Do one thing at a time – Focus!

The focus in the right direction is only possible when you know exactly where to focus on. Take time and make an action plan or a to-do list for your work. It may look like a waste of time at the moment but down the road, it is definitely going to save your time

     Exercise regularly

There are many exercises that can relax your body. Since any physical activity improves the oxygen flow to the brain, it helps to relax your mind and improve your concentration level to make you work efficiently

   Candle flame trick

You may not believe it is a cliché, but this candle flame trick really works. Sit in front of a candle flame and focus on nothing but the flame for 5-10 minutes. It will improve your power of concentration a lot

   Work when your brain is more active

Did you know that your brain is most active from 7 PM to 9 PM? You must utilize this time in doing the mind related work instead of passing

   Avoid multi-tasking

When you thrive into doing multiple things at a time, especially the ones with loud noises and visual stimulation such as television you end up developing a habit of losing focus and it is always hard to change any habit. Always prefer to do one task at a time to work efficiently

  Eat good

Include light, nutritious and healthy food in your diet instead of eating heavy. When you need to work on something with full concentration, eating heavy food makes you feel lethargic. So, have good and light food to put your 100% into work

   Take breaks

Go out for a walk and take deep breathes often. This will help you recharge yourself and concentrate more on your work

   Yoga and meditation

Began by Indians and now practiced all over the world, Yoga and meditation is also quite an effective method of increasing your mind power and concentration. Practice yoga and meditation in peaceful environment regularly and soon you will start observing the peace it brings to your mind

  Stay calm

Many times worrying thoughts come in your head while you’re working on something important and hence you lose concentration. Instead of keeping them in your head, write them down on a piece of paper so that you can focus on them later (if required) once you are done with your important work

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