10 mistakes which you should eliminate to boost productivity and efficiency.

Do you ever find there aren’t enough hours in the day? While many people try hard to be as productive as possible, they often find themselves getting distracted. However, making every day fruitful is much easier if you can first ditch productivity-sucking activities.

Here are 10 mistakes which you should eliminate to boost productivity and efficiency.


Most people like to hit the snooze button and get an extra 10 minutes in bed. Even though it can be tempting to hit the snooze button every morning, it is better for you to get up. Extra sleep will only make you want to sleep even more and make you lethargic. When you first wake up, your body starts releasing alertness hormones to get you up and ready for the day. Every time you go hit snooze, you slow down this process – and as you are only snoozing, it is unlikely you are getting any essential extra sleep anyway.

Worrying about the results.

Having a life or work plan is a fantastic way to make sure you keep progressing towards your goals. However, constantly thinking about the big picture while you’re working can leave you feeling worried and overwhelmed. Worrying about the end results while working takes away from your productive time. Save the life planning for when you aren’t working, and while you are working, try to focus on the immediate task you are doing. Every task you do is working towards your goals – slowly but surely, you are on your way!


We all like to procrastinate. What’s better than watching cat videos instead of sweating on a hard project? Well, maybe dog videos. Anyway, procrastination is something we should all fight against. It drags us away from important but usually hard and tiring work and pushes us to focus on something pleasant and easy. As you see, procrastinating is a true time sucker. You can fight it by committing to assignments, improving your learning behaviors or practicing best time management methods and simply refusing to waste time until the deadline is right ahead of you. And always remember: “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”

Not taking any breaks.

People can’t go on working continually. Lack of breaks causes productivity fall and raises the level of stress. It is proven that our mind cannot focus on a task for longer than 45 minutes. After that time, we just start to procrastinate and don’t focus anymore. For the best results, take a 5-10 minutes break for every 45 minutes of work. It is important to get away from the computer. I recommend short walks, petting a cat or gymnastic exercises — movement is beneficial for your psyche and your body — not only does it refresh your mind, but also gives you kick of pure energy.


There exists no such thing as multitasking. Even that doing many things at the same time seems like being on the ball, it has a terrible impact on your productivity. Studies show that people who practice multitasking are more likely to get distracted, make more mistakes and can even get fat! Key to the success—start working on one task and focus on it. This will help you be more organized, structured and finish the work in a better manner.

Running after Perfection.

Constantly have a need to correct something you did for thousand times because you feel you can do better? Every perfectionist knows this scenario. Unfinished projects at the end of the month because of little things: changing fonts 10 times, suddenly the background color seems too weird- This kind of behavior is a killer for your productivity. For better time management you need to learn how to let go of things that take too much time to figure out and stop you from finishing the project. The first feeling is usually the best one — don’t overthink and overdo.

Not tracking time.

Are you the kind of person who checks their email too often or binge watches Youtube videos? The one who doesn’t really know how much time any project take? Lack of important data on how your time is spent can ruin your planning process. Numbers can’t lie so time tracking is crucial here. “When you look at a list with numbers of how you’re spending your time, that’s when you can get more strategic about what you can eliminate or simplify”, says Medlock – president of Smarter Training Matter.

The absence of Prioritization.

Most people don’t realize the significance of planning tasks in order of priority. In most cases, we think that it’s more tempting to start with easier and less important activities, even though the harder ones are usually more important and urgent to do. Remember that prioritization is the key to productive work. Analyse your tasks, develop a transparent plan for task prioritization and stick to it. You will see a significant boost in your productivity.

Taking up more work than what you can cope with.

Being overloaded with work drags you away from being productive. Constantly thinking about the work that needs to be done, rush and stress raises adrenaline level and effectively blocks clear thinking. STOP! It is time to look before you leap. Analyse the work from last month, the time consumption of every project and start to adjust your schedule to your capabilities. A time tracker for measuring and analyzing data will be a great help here.

Endless distractions.

A very popular problem with keeping productivity on high levels along the way is having too many distractions. Nowadays, people keep getting distracted easily because of tons of stimuli bombarding them from every corner. Social media, TV or Ads are constantly starving for your attention. Remember what your goals are and what you’re aiming for — this will help you focus and eliminate distractions.


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