10 Best Tricks to Being a Best Parent

Every parent has so many responsibilities towards their child. They have dream to become a great parents, but when it turn into reality most of the parents fail to become best parents; all parents are good but from them only few become best.Parents and child both have too much expectation to each other. Both need to stand on their expectation but this is start from parenting because parents are first teacher of the children and children start learning from their parents.

 Some secrets to being great parents.

  1. Teach good manners.

It is very easy to judge a parenting. Child behavior, manners show parent’s education. Parenting starts from children’s childhood that’s the time when you start teaching your child. I’m not talking about bookies knowledge, here I’ m focusing of child behavior, manner and disciplines because how a child behave with other its only depends on parents. If you give a good manner, teach disciplines and good parenting from childhood it is help to become best parents for your child.

  1. Priority to family time.

In modern time, no one have time to each other. Children busy in study or parents busy in earning. But you should know that family time is very important for every parent. You do whatever you doing but give first priority to your child or your family time. Make strong you relation’s foundation, when it is strong you can become best parent for all time.

  1. Maintain positive relation.

Children are very fearful from their parent and should be but not always it should be when children make mistake. But in normal they loved. Make you and your positive relation with children otherwise it gives negative impact on parenting.

  1. Try to become good friend

Every parents want their child share everything with them, but child don’t like that because they are not comfortable with them so first you try to become your child friend not only for he share everything because a child need a person who understand him and looks things according to his point of view.

  1. Stand for children

No one is perfect here, everyone make mistakes specially children. So many children make mistake and some of them repeat mistake again and again because they haven’t meet with right guides. Parents, relative and outsider see that child like a criminal, on that time child lost hope and again do those things. But a sigh o best parents, on that time they stand with their child. They no support him, but not treating badly. They should explain the all right or wrong fact of his mistake. Understand the child right way to overcome from this mistake.

  1. Encourage/ cheer.

Parents should always encourage their children for things. They motivate to child and after getting success of child goals parents should cheer him. These things show a child how a parent helps him and what his parents do for his success.

  1. Be a good role model

Children learn so many thing from their parents and like to become like them. So give a best moral education, disciplines to your child so that after success he tells the audience about you as a role model and how you become his role model.

  1. Share happiness and sadness too

Children are happy when their parents are happy and they sad when parents sad. Some time children want to know reason behind the happiness or sadness. On that time you should share reason with child, when you share things with the children they try to understand about you situation or condition and may be give a good suggestion. Because sometime you’re younger also give a good lesson of your life.

  1. Meal together

Maybe you all time busy in your professional life but at the dinner you should give time to your children. Take meal together and share your day. Because at the meal time everyone has free mind and children take interest in their parents.

  1. Use soft, confident tone of voice

This is not necessary every child learn things from parent’s anger and beat. Children are hungry of soft, polite or confident tone of voice. When you use these things in your speak your child feel comfortable with you. And like to spend time with you.



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